Light of Discovery

Dear Viewers - Thank you for viewing my website. I am a volunteer horse handler on a ranch; recently asked to volunteer in the petting zoo area for young people experiencing special needs. I noticed a young person with the experience of autism leading ahead in a walking/running position with parent alongside arm in arm closely monitory behavior. The young person entered the petting area and gravitated towards me. I said to young person and parent - very intelligent young person. Observing the young person connecting with my words/energy - drew closer to me. The young person placed their hand in mine - the parent responded by saying no to their young person's action I responded - it's ok. We held each others hand what seemed like eternity. I felt universal love flowing through- a holy encounter indeed. Parent and young person drifted away. The encounter will remain in me forevermore. Do take good care of yourselves; resting in your high awareness frequency - LOVE đź’śChristine Tanya


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