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Tanya Fleisher

~ Prayer Listening; GOD FLOWS...

I have attended Kent State University in Ohio where I have studied special education and began to study art therapy. My early beginnings of student teaching at Tallmage School in Kent, Ohio was dedicated to special needs and abused children. I facilitated a meditation class/workshop at the Sedona Creative Life Center and taught my meditation technique at the Osher LifeLong Learning Institute in Sedona, Arizona. I also completed the Peer-to-Peer Mentor Training Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona sponsored by NAMI Arizona Peer-to-Peer-Education Program. In 2003 I completed Algorithm Training in Thought Field Therapy Level 1 & 2 in Sedona, Arizona.

My continuing "experiential studies" are enhancing my understanding of the interconnectedness of the mind, body, emotional, and the spiritual. My artwork is assisting me in staying in the flow of life, along with seeing my true essence.



For My Dear Viewers

Dear Viewers:

~As I venture on my life's journey I no longer eat meat, poultry and fish. I eat vegetarian with minimum dairy.
I am keeping my experiences in shared words regarding eating meat, poultry and fish throughout my website and for a Good Read... that have helped me along my journey.

*When the collective energies are highly charged I put my headphones on and amp up tunes while flowing through the cosmic jam wave connections.

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-Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others -
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at the 2004 Hall of Fame induction published on April, 10th, 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Gaia Earth Star 2014 Human Consciousness Breakthrough Event Sedona Part I
Uploaded January, 23, 2014 Gaia Earth Star

Gaia Earth Star 2014 Human Consciousness Breakthrough Event Sedona Part IV
Uploaded January, 23, 2014 Gaia Earth Star


French Law Forbids Food Waste-The Guardian

My designed pinched pot :)
Companion to my designed pinched pot:
Finding Ones Way With Clay Pinched Pottery and the Color of Clay
by Paulus Berensohn with Photographs by True Kelly

Check out the following: www. edaugusts.com
Psychic Astrologer
Ed Augusts radio show:BlogTalkRadio.com

custom T-shirts
Where Fun is Always Celebrated!

~ One of my favorite views:
50 Architects 50 Buildings
The buildings that inspire architects

C20 Twentieth Century Society
Edited by Pamela Buxton
Photography by Gareth Gardner and Edward Tyler

In memory of my dear friend, David:
On the subject: Can ducks fly?
Xavier Rudd - Follow The Sun [Official Music Video]

At the age of seven I remember playing with a deck of cards by sorting out all of the other cards and then focusing lovingly on the oneness of the King of Hearts & Queen of Hearts cards saying to myself that is me.

Here I am now once again looking at the King of Hearts card knowing we are all royalty and seeing the King of Hearts in each and everyone I encounter.

The King of Hearts is a powerful King living from the heart knowing when to call upon it's strength of boundaries and command over the lower mind while sustaining Queen of Hearts right action of heart knowledge.
-Christine (Tanya)

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Hildegard von Bingen - Music and Visions

©2017 Aileen Ganz - Heartfelt
~ Aileen Ganz - my art student/teacher :)

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We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands

We are God Love.
No need to grovel.
- Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

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Lemuria - The Lost Continent - Mu



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Tucson, AZ

Original Handcrafted Jewelry Design
Tucson local artist

The Dearly Beloveds - Peep Peep Pop Pop - 1966
Columbia Garage Pop 7" 45RPM Tucson
Pointless Records


check out the following:
Movie: Hidalgo- 2004
Director- Joe Johnston
Producer - Casey Silver

Cherokee Legend - Two Wolves - First People Us

Coffee- Bean a story of priorities in spiritual life

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Neal Donald Walsh

2015 Documentary - The Mask You Live In

Sharing A Dream
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George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (Studio Version) Original-You Tube

Music Helps Me To Find The Beautiful
©2015 Aileen Ganz

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Peter Sterling


Celestial Rites

Author and Illustrator

~These are a few of my favorite things:
Rose quarts, selenite quarts, celestine quarts, angelite quarts, Rose essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, & Cedarwood essential oil in working with energy healing. :)

~When asked: What do you like most regarding your life experiences? my response in a song: :)
ODETTA- This Little Light of Mine - You Tube

In my Heart Mind- We are Love
- Christine (Tanya
Debra Silverman Daily Horoscope Feb 9th-10th


Charles Eisenstein

SATSUNG: mooji.org Event-India 2017

- Solfeggio 852 Hz
Awakening Inner Strength & Self Realization - Zen Healing Music/Positive Energy - You Tube

© 2017 Barb's Handcrafted Designs
520-876-0987 barbincg6@gmail.com

©2017 Aileen Ganz - Wolf

Howl with the Moon!
-Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

Finished cleaning the basement of my mind,
closed the door.
Living on the upper floor of my mind-
new views to integrate; with acceptance allowing views to be short lived,
...courageously venturing & integrating the many stairs of my Heart Mind...
©2017 Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

-Susanne Ellenbogen- Ceramic Artist
520-591-9016 sellenbogen@icloud.com

Celtic & Old time Music
520-270-5489 Cammi moonshine2nz@gmail.com
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Tucson's Premiere Klezmer Ensemble
520-954-6600 barimark@gmail.com
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-Leslie Romero, L.Ac.

©2017 Aileen Ganz

Blessings Meditation(Click to listen)

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Tom Kenyon- Hathor Heart Chakra Healing Sound Meditation

Elizabeth Lund- Owner & Founder


This Is Your Brain On Music
by Daniel J. Levitin

Can you imagine all the musicians, artist, comedians, poets, composers...
who passed from the Earth plane
jamming with all of us here on Earth
to the tune of Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd?
Just imagine....


Developing water stewardship and STEM literacy
with teachers, students, and the community.

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Sean Lennon, Moby, and Rufus Wainwright
Across the Universe-originally done by the Beatles

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Unique Soaps-Missy's Organics on Facebook
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Astrology- Shivani
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Readings- Chris Krinke PHD CHT
651-278-5283 www.lightalliancehird.com

Spirits Child Metaphysical Gift Shop- Aitreyia- owner
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I placed some FUN shades on Harbor Seal- A new look!

New recording of TREE

Art & Inspirational words
It is good to have a life to live. ©2016 Aileen Ganz

Music for the ride
-Hallelujah by Pentatonix (check out their video)
-Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band
-What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

CACTUS BLOOM ©2016 Sally Inman
Tucson, AZ Watercolor Artist: Sally Inman

CREATION STORY ©2013 To-Ree-Nee Wolf
Tucson, AZ Artist: toreenee. com



Shades of Fluffy

I am playing with song words in my heart mind;
-We done... "hiding"- (" " word in song; Eminence Front by the Who)
"dress to" love - (" " words in song; Eminence Front by the Who)
"Dreaming the happy dream" - (" " words from A Course In Miracles)

-Listening to SONG: Eminence Front
by The Who
-Listening to CD: NEW HORIZONS
by Robin Miller

When you walk across the fields
with your mind pure and holy,
then all the stones and all the growing things
and all the animals, the sparks of their souls
come out and cling to you, and then,
they are purified and become a holy fire in you.
-Ancient Hassidic saying

Flowing Infinity

Celestial Celebrating

Extending Love


WOLF POEM ©2016 by Bob Apczynski
I want to be the wolf's cry
Flying across land and water
Collecting pain & sadness as it goes
And setting it free.

I want to be the wolf's cry,
Sending joy high into the sky
Until it bursts
And falls on the world.

I want to be the wolf's cry.
A howl so powerful that
it splits the vastness
And gently touches the moon.

Viewers check out the following: www.thrivemovement.com.

Myriad of solar spectrum
A universal hello.

Praying- Wonderful moment in time

We Are Opening

Beyond Words

Breaking bread in learning about each other, cultures and our languages. In the end we are one human race of spiritual beings having human experiences.


In Memory of musician artist; Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole.

Mountain Energy Rays

Before I nourish my body;
A blessing of mindful,
communing of grace conscious,
joyful, eating.
The beautiful scarf draped over table was purchased at The West in Tucson, Arizona www.thewestinc.com.

AN OPPORTUNITY IN TIME ⓒ2016 Christine Fleisher
To Come Together across the isle
with ALL of our diversities, knowledge, talents,
wisdom, experiences...
And Move Forward
with Honor, Empathy, Respect for one another
while having a Focused, & Firm Determination in providing
ingenuity while building upon our Constitution to Solutions facing our humanity.

My understanding of;
Divine is love & peace.

My understanding of;
Humanity is having the opportunity
to harmonies & balance all deeds;
through gratitude, accountability,
forgiveness then compassion.

My contemplation of;
Soul is having the opportunity
through the body vehicle
to experience
the twists, and turns,
the sacred moments,
and what still calls
to be discovered in life;
the ever
evolving & overflowing
love & peace.
©2016 Christine Fleisher

Food is nurturing and a way of communicating.
Let us gather together
And enjoy!
©2015 Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

FYI:National Diaper Bank Network

"Homelessness is a community challenge..." http://thewayhomenh.org/index.php

T ogether
H ope
A nd
K indness is the
S ource of
G iving back to one's community at large sparkling
I magination in all
V arious ways.
I nvite the
N urturing of
G iving.
©2015 Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

Integrity and Boundless Possibilities for ALL:
-One's, peace,
- joy and,
- thriving
- is Everyones heritage.
- Soothing words to help us remember and restore.
Life on life's terms is giving me the opportunity to stay in integrity, honesty and authenticity. ©2015 Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

Recently I experienced good live Gaelic music at the Celtic Festival in Flagstaff, Arizona. I enjoyed the many musicians playing and in particular were two young women musicians from Nova Scotia, Cassie and Maggie MacDonald. I invite you to check out their website: cassieandmaggie.com and their new CD "Sterling Road".

For inspiration, visit
The LAIG Virtual Speaker's Bureau

And if you struggle with food you can go to oa.org.

Informative website: www.azdisabilitylaw.org

and keep clean
All World/National Forests.

I live in the desert.
And as I watch the ebb and flow
of the Palo Verde leaves
touched by the wind;
I rest into the sunset.
©2016 Christine Fleisher

As I think of ideas to share with you, Dear Viewers, I have my little Harbor Seal stuffed animal I purchased at Kid's Center Toy Store in Tucson, AZ Overlooking me. :)

The Elders
People aging gracefully & independently.
Caring for the Elders aging gracefully, independently & with dignity
While creating new respectful, quality job opportunities.
A win-win solution.
-Al-Jen Poo
National Domestic Workers Alliance

PEACE: Together, yes. And in so doing, so it is.

If the Sky was My Ocean

If the sky was my ocean
I would sail through the clouds
looking towards land
where the flowers bloom
spreading joy.

And upon the land I would learn
from the bloom;
it has it's end
spreading joy nevertheless.
©2015 Christine (Tanya) Fleisher

Eating Healthy in the Light Prayer

No more eating in the dark.
Sneaking bits of food
I know deadens
my body and soul.

No more creeping back
into the dark- cell life.
Sneaking bits of food
I know deadens
my body and soul.

No more eating in the dark.
No more sneaking bits of food
I know deadens
my body and soul.

My liberation:
Out in the open
eating healthy
in the Light.

©2015 Christine (Tanya) Fleisher






Together uplifted and building on HOPE and continuing to DREAM.




My above painting is in appreciation and acknowlegment of my viewers.



In support of the Autism Society of Southern Arizona for their services, eduction and awareness to our community at large I have donated my (above) art piece to the Autism Society of Southern Arizona. Autism Society of Southern Arizona website: as-az.org.













Confidence Through Motion

Julian Salberg

I strongly feel the importance of Julian Salberg's, "Confidence Through Motion" is a wonderful way in moving one's mind, body and spirit for wisdom, self esteem and courage into one's own empowerment for those of us who experience mental and physical challenges. I am very pleased to have his work for you to view on my website.

The Insightful Heart: Preceding With Kindness.

The following message on Kindness was created by the Institute of HeartMath.

Let us give our children a helping hand.

I am proud to have "MAKE WAY FOR BOOKS AGENCY VIDEO FOR YOUTUBE" on my website for you to view."