My intent is to report my progress and choices in managing my experiences with bipolar disorder and compulsive eating. Joy in my life is in the giving and the ability to receive.


Holidays can be very stressful and the challenges of family dynamics seems to hit its ultimate peak during these times. Resistance seems to be the theme of not letting go of control based on fear and everyone has a taste of it. And it seems less sensitivity for others' behalf comes into play. However, if you choose you can look at challenges of family dynamics during the holidays or any time as a mini version of humanity at its best and its worst.  I feel family gatherings can be a good opportunity for steading your emotions when your beliefs, concepts or boundaries are challenged allowing to express yourself reasonably and stay in your truth.
What is real important is your emotional composure for your peace of mind rather than squandering it in being understood.
  Always remember to focus on the breath when stressed.  And plan how much time you wish to participate.  This way of thinking was the unwrapping of my gift.
  My gift, was remembering what my mother said to me when I was younger dealing once again with the challenges of family dynamics.  She said to me:  "If you look at all of the bad qualities in our family; you would have no family."  I thought about this statement and yes, looking at the bad qualities, one can leave families, and friends and in turn pick and choose whom they wish to surround themselves with.  However, stepping outside their surroundings one is faced with humanity at its best and its worst.
I have resolved that I have a place to rest in a safe harbor of myself, my friends and immediate family.  Family gatherings and all gatherings for me are opportunities to perfect my skills of giving back to the world. The ancient saying:  "Giving is Receiving."

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher