My intent is to report my progress and choices in managing my experiences with bipolar disorder and compulsive eating. Joy in my life is in the giving and the ability to receive.


Bipolar is known to be genetically passed down. I have no proof only speculations. I have words of another storytelling:

I heard stories from my mom that her mother had "special" ways what I later understood was known, as having visionary qualities. On the very first meeting of my parents my grandmother saw into the hardships of the relationship.

This visionary quality was passed down to me. My mother noticed this quality when I was a little girl having a vision or speaking out in a visionary way, she would hush me and say to me that people would not understand me in this world and not to talk this way. I really did not understand what came so naturally to me was being asked to be hidden. Later on with the death of my dad then soon afterward my mother was diagnosed with cancer, left me feeling devastated. My childhood issues started to come up and everyday life was happening, and to add to it I was experiencing these visionary qualities of seeing into past lives and future events.

Feeling like I had one foot in one world and one in another and no one to guide me. I felt lost and confused and could not sort it out on my own, bipolar was diagnosed. Those where some rough years ahead adjusting to medication that left me lethargic. I have since, within the past 2 years, met up with a woman MD, MDH who addresses my whole health, here in Tucson. Arizona.

Today with proper diet of protein, elimination of sugar and wheat and little dairy consisting of goat cheese and string cheese, vegetables, nuts and certain fruits, good supplements and a low dose of medication plus exercise and a support team of a Council of Spiritual Advocates and a good Therapist, I manage my experience with bipolar.

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher