My intent is to report my progress and choices in managing my experiences with bipolar disorder and compulsive eating. Joy in my life is in the giving and the ability to receive.


       Doing what you need to do to show up for life and in my case to manage my bipolar disorder is taking my supplements and medications along with proper diet, sleep, monitoring my stress level, having boundaries, exercise, support groups, trusted professional advice, family, friends, expressing myself spiritually and creativly with my art. Compulsive eating disorder goes-hand-in hand in showing up for life by saying yes to life to stop eating compulsively.
I am grateful, for I remember the days with my bipolar when I could not get out of bed and carry on with life and my compulsive eating was full blown and lasted weeks on end. Now my life is manageable with the awareness of the consequences; if I do not take care of myself I will suffer. I choose to thrive and be responsible and do what I need to do to show up for life.

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher