*My intent is to report my progress and choices in managing my experiences with compulsive eating and bipolar disorder. Joy in my life is in the giving and the ability to receive.


       During the month I have been looking at the hidden factors behind my compulsive eating and observed that safety, trust, forgiveness and choosing to tell another story are major elements in my healing.

       In addition to be aware of foods that trigger ones compulsive behavior; I have come to the realization that I have used my food to enhance the accepted lie I had of my worth: "Not enough."

       I took this untruth and played it out repeatedly into relationships that became my story of wounded mentality. So I emotionally ate through and hid behind the story. It took great courage to stop the wounded story and heal. Creating a new story, of knowing my worth that gets my approval and attention, is a moment to moment reality and alignment with the universe that allows me to be of mindful service.

My intent and always is to share my progress and choice. I thank you for viewing and shall drop in for a visit from time to time.

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher