When I was a little girl my dad taught me how to listen to music. He had me listen to the quality of voice and instrumental music being played of his favorites on our record player. Years later when I was in my teens before my dad passed away he asked me to listen to a certain song in particular: "A Horse With No Name" by America. Of course, I was familiar with the song. Years later at age 56 I was discussing with my husband how my dad was instrumental in teaching me how to listen to music. In that moment of sharing with my husband I remembered my dad asking me to listen to that particular song. I looked up the words to "A Horse With No Name" by America. With tears in my eyes; my understanding the message my dad gave, I believe, came from a bigger, mysterious design that is being lived out in my life today. For me, it is similar to the song, by living in the desert I am finding out who I am and setting myself free.

In gratitude