gecko       For several months now I have been looking out my kitchen window to observe this gecko perhaps not this very same gecko nevertheless, its teaching goes without notice. Every morning it stares me square in the face as it does its ritual of push ups and sometimes it basks in the sun with its back facing towards me. Other times the gecko gets my attention and sprawls its body up against the screen. What is the meaning of all of this? I took to my book: "Animal Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small" by Ted Andrews.

       The lizard teaches about detachment in order to survive in life. Sometimes it is necessary to follow our own path and our own desires. It teaches us to let go of the past that no longer serves us and get on with the new. I have a friend of mine who would tell me that "I would stay too long at the fair and got sick on the cotton candy and popcorn and did not know when to leave."  The gecko is teaching me to lovingly detach and move on.

In gratitude