gecko       This is my week I dedicated for my "Sabbatical"- a term I use in returning to myself, a place of quietness in my own home literally. It has been a long time with all the distractions in life since I had a chance to dedicate time for myself. At first it was very uncomfortable, what to "do" Then I settled into me.

       This morning more than half into the week of my sabbatical I received a surprise visit from a sparrow who flew into my glass kitchen window and crashed onto the ground. It was stunned and possibly thought to be dead. I sat and sent energy and soothing words of comfort to it not knowing what the outcome would be however encouraging it to fly. I noticed the bird had a black and white mask around it's eyes it reminded me of the famous fiction character Zorro. At the end of the show Zorro would ride off with his horse into the sky and no one knew where he would turn up or be seen again. Little did I know that was a sign.

       I felt peace looking at this bird. I was doing what I needed to do: Encouraging it to go on it's way one way or another, perhaps calling a wild life rescue person to assist this bird in recovery or burying it. No sooner then I had these thoughts the bird delivered it's message to me, moved it's head, looked around and flew off.

       I then proceeded to look up the meaning of sparrow in "Animal Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews. - Applying the meaning for me: Awakening of my self worth. The sparrow's message: No matter what, "I am ENOUGH" in all situations and how I handle them, and all is well.

In gratitude