snake       I woke up this morning; and to my surprise noticed resting on the floor at the entrance to my laundry room, what appeared to be a rope actually was a snake, it had brightly colored stripes of turquoise and yellow. I made an attempt to gently move it toward the outside door exiting the laundry room. Unfortunately the snake slithered it's way under my washing machine. As I write this story, I think it is still under there. I proceeded to contact a wild life rescue person and they identified the snake based on my description of it to be a,"Racer Snake," saying it was non-venhemous and if I wish to help rescue it gave me advise in how to do so.

       As I pass by the washing machine I reassure the snake that it is "OK" to come out of it's newly founded den to be ushered outside. Meanwhile I remembered in my early interests involving the symbolic meaning of colors, Turquoise enhances communication skills and calms the mind and body. As I go on with my day being watchful of it's re-appearance I thank the snake for the message of calm and being my colorful guest.

In gratitude