I was at a speaking engagement where I was deeply moved in being in the company of wise elders. Afterwards, I sat next to two people and during our conversation expressed to them my gratitude for wise elders and in wishing I had wise elders around me in my time of need when I developed my practice of Listening. I was then asked "What credentials qualified me for what I do"? After responding that there were no formal credentials for such an activity, eye glances were exchanged between the two people, then came an extended hand, and words of "It was nice to have met you"; both people quickly walked away.
I sat, paused, reflected and understood the importance of having credentials. I also believe the importance of acquired wisdom and knowledge in my life studies and life experiences which have led me to my current practice. I then noticed at the corner of my eye a person walking toward me. That person and I began cordially exchanging some words during which time I focused on being mindful to what that person said; I felt privileged in doing so. Listening is an Ancient Art of Valuing a Person.
Women hear their wisdom while telling their stories and I provide a safe calm presence by listening. I utilize my website( and speaking engagements by exampling my empowerment stories of managing my bipolar and compulsive eating disorders to encourage and support women in having a peaceful life.

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher