We shall go forth in guided meditation;
Allow yourself to experience all and relax
Visualize yourself in a soft blue ray of light cradled around you,
above you and below you
Now with your permission go to the deepest chamber of your heart
It is peaceful here and secure
As you open your chamber door you see before you
a lush garden of your own imagination
be it a beach, a mountain
A view of your own imagination
Breathe in and out
And go forth
The texture, color, taste and smell of your garden or view
invites you to enjoy your surroundings and all that you experience
moving you to embrace the clear and crystal nectar of your soul
Relax and settle in
For this is your very own safe haven to return to often
to cleanse, relax, refresh to stay centered.
It is here you remember who you are
You are peace, happiness, harmony, love
and much more
Take this knowing and walk in extended blessings
For your being is a prayer in action and your every action
is good
Remaining in the deepest chamber of your heart you awake
into the reality of the place your are currently in
remembering who you are, grounding yourself in your body
by wiggling your feet and remaining firm and grounded
as you extend blessings
Breathe deeply and be present in this moment
In the eternal now you are cherished and loved.

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher