A summary of "A Creative Art Play Meditation Class" held on July 5th, 2014 1:00p.m - 2:30 p.m. at Unity in Tucson in Annex Rm 2.

The class began with the words from Dr. J. Standley, Fiama, a metaphysician and half Cherokee Indian expressing the symbolic meaning of Bear. Her words of Bear intuition was encouraged to assist all who attended the class in creating their art play. The participants were prepared for "A Creative Art Play" with one of my meditations accompanied by various sounds of instrumental music played by musician/artist Georgia Conroy setting a relaxing tone.

"A Creative Art Play Meditation" with sounds of soothing music played throughout the class allowing the people to delve deep within themselves in play, fun and insight as they made their drawing/markings. Participants tapped into their own creativity by using a "right hand, left hand drawing/meditation" designed by Tanya Fleisher. An opportunity was given for the people to share or not their own piece of creativity within the group. The class closed in a circle holding hands in silence then a gentle hand held squeeze propagated around the circle.

I am grateful to Unity of Tucson, Georgia Conroy, and each person who attended "A Creative Art Play Meditation".

In gratitude,
Tanya Fleisher